"SLAMinutes Goes Mental"

30 performers + 1 trending topic + 1 minute each = motley opinions and solid entertainment. Yes, when I bought my ticket for something called SLAMinutes Goes Mental I was as much confused as you are now, after having read this kind of rare sum.

Let's go by parts: SLAM is a new venue in King’s Cross that encourages creators to create. As they say on their website, their mission is to build a community of artists, writers and performers. At the same time, once in a month, they organise a spoken words evening about an interesting topic, from mental health to the #Metoo movement.

What did I saw? That's a very difficult question but basically what I saw was a group of 30 people, actors, talking about mental health for one minute each, some from their personal experience and others reciting the work of others… The lucky people who were there, underground (I'll write about this in a few moments), heard everything… from the laugh-provoking to the foolish, the unpleasant and the nice. If the "play" was impressive and moving, the venue was incredible: The Crypt of St Pancras Parish Church, designed and used for coffin burials from 1822 to 1854, when the crypts of all London churches were closed.

Who did I saw? A bunch of wonderful people and even better actors: Stem4’s Teenage Mental Health ambassador Rosie Day, Tom Lashley starring Conor Ledger, the touching Adaya Henry, 17 years old Emma Robinson on technology, Phosile Mashinkila, Rema Chandran, William Sutton with his affirmations, Shane Powell, James Humphreys starring Harry Boyd, Chantelle Dusette, the powerful Serena-Louise Nowbath-Nelson, the funny Miranda Holms, Steve Brumwell starring Will Teller, Raja Sajjad starring Jyne Aguire, Carrie Cohen, Tara Carlin, Tara Godolphin, Dave Flanagan, Tom Hartwell, Justyn Hollett, Mandi Chivasa, the phenomenal drag performance of Orgasma Foxx!, Daniella Isaacs, Sam Toller, Will Campbell, Michele Ashton, Alex Brogan, Ross Kernahan, Jamie Matley starring Zoe Watson, singer Stephie Grace and the talented and amazing actor Tom Grace in a sometimes funny and always heartbreaking piece by David Lemon.

So if I were you, I would go right now to your website (slam.org.uk), look at your next event and quickly buy an entry, you will not regret it.

Source: http://slam.org.uk