Nathalie Barclay and "Duplicity"

In February I was invited to a screening at the modern W Hotel in London of a short film called Duplicity, currently shortlisted for film festivals. Time flies and until now, about seven months later, I had not written about this perturbing and intelligent masterpiece, which is more than a must-see. Its synopsis, like the length of the short film, is brief: a quiet actor must decide where loyalties lie when a quiet evening spirals out of hand. To this, I, personally, should clarify that it is about how a person faces something that she (in the case of the film) does not want to do.

Nathalie among the audience at the screening. Can you spot the author of this lines? Yes, the one making faces…

Nathalie among the audience at the screening. Can you spot the author of this lines? Yes, the one making faces…

I can not say everything I would like since doing so would mean unveiling the most important part of this 8-minute film, but it's amazing to see how young filmmaker Nathan Miller manages to lead this group of three actors shooting the scenes with charm and with and intelligent and well-written script. This group of young actors (Nathalie Barclay, Guy Clark and Jessica Phillips) do a phenomenal job that looks like a Hollywood production and not a low budget movie. Nathalie Barclay, a talented and enthusiastic actress, has been working with Miller and Duplicity crew again in 2018 shooting a new short film called Twenty Nothing, which I cannot wait to enjoy (because I am sure I will) and this summer she has been rehearsing As If You Are Infinite, by Rachel Betts, alongside Tom Grace –another talented young actor.

I discovered Nathalie before this screening when I went to the Greenwich Theater to see a play called Antigone, with Actors of Dionysus (a highly-acclaimed physical theatre company), where she played the role of Ismene. I was fascinated by her talent. She is funny and she has the skill to play comedy roles but she has the ones to be in a drama or a thriller –and in any film genre! Nathalie Barcaly is one of those people who has a lot to contribute to the film industry... and it's not me who only thinks that since BBC Shropshire said “She is superb, performing inches away from the assembled audience with impeccable focus” and The Reviews Hub wrote that she “plays a series of hilarious comedy characters”.

By the way, I only have one complaint about Duplicity: what a pity it only lasts eight minutes, at least, I saw it twice!!

Do me a favour and visit Nathalie’s website to see all her projects and works at and watch her showreel below.