"The Equalizer 2"

The Equalizer worked fairly well at the box office when it was released four years ago, achieving a worldwide revenue of 192 million dollars against a budget of 55m $. In fact, Sony did not even wait for its arrival at theaters to announce the sequel.

The Equalizer 2 has kept both the actor, Denzel Washington, as Richard Wenk and Antoine Fuqua, scriptwriter and director. This invited us to think of a repetitive proposal to make money easy, but the truth is that they wanted to raise something different. The result is a remarkable thriller which is slightly tough, boring and confusing during the first half hour but then, after the first action scene, it improves to the point of keeping you hooked.

The first installment was an action film with cultural references: Cervantes, Hemingway or Hopper. This second one raises a stage in literary and artistic difficulty: the protagonist goes to the last volume of À la recherche du temps perdu by Proust. And, if you do not think too much about the movie, it may even be that the viewer be embedded in front of the character, charisma, decency and intelligence of the Washington character, a watery look, rictus of elegance and action hero at the age of 64.


Wenk's script looks more at what motivates our hero, gives him a new job that fits him completely and, in parallel, poses the threat he has had to face. In the case of Washington, he easily retrieves the aspects with which he conquered the public, but taking it all a bit further by providing all his actions with a familiar element that allows us to understand it better.

The Equalizer 2 completely moves away from these thrillers that go directly to the action scenes without bothering to try to contribute something else to the viewer. We add a rest of the quite solvent cast, especially Pere Pascal, who embroils a character that did not seem to give either.
The Equalizer 2 is a remarkable action thriller which surpasses the estimable of the first part.