"Mission: Impossible Fallout"

When you to the cinema to see an Ethan Hunt's films you know what you are getting into and how you will go out: you are going to spend time and see how the cinema exhausts until the last drop of its possibilities of majestic spectacle; and you leave the pictures completely hairstyle, as him.

Fallout (which, by the way, reminds me a bit at 007 Skyfall, so does the plot, the car to Tomorrow Never Dies and the fight to the helicopter scene in Spectre) is the sixth movie in the series and not only it is the best one, but also the one which offers and a fruity full of emotions and relationships which are more complex and worthy of not becoming unnoticed between noise, fury and spectacularity.

Each new film is entrusted to a different  director with a devastating film personality (from the sophistication of Brian de Palma to the greatness of John Woo through JJ Abrams' narrative manipulation techniques and the animated universe of Brad Bird), now it seems they have found the perfect director: Christopher McQuarrie, who shares his interests while being able to leave his mark through a clean and millimeterly studied execution.


Hunt is also considered a tragic hero, fragile for first time and who overcomes by the circumstances in the middle of this hyperbolic marasmus in which he is sunk, but with the determination of a kamikaze, life is played literally to offer a definitive spectacle.

The first striking detail of the script is that McQuarrie has a little less freedom to define the movie individually as Fallout is a continuation of the previous one, counting on a limited number of characters. You want it not, that rests emotion to the adventure when things are calm down and even spoil some moment of more dramatic intensity. It is here that they begin to see the seams in the formula of the saga, a little more or less covered so far by the successive changes of style of each director who was leaving his stamp. The tricks of McQuarrie's script are more obvious than would be desirable, although it does not take too long to give the key so that it can not be annoying.

Henry Cavill, Tom Cuise and Rebecca Ferguson

Henry Cavill, Tom Cuise and Rebecca Ferguson

Vanessa Kirby

Vanessa Kirby

It's amazing that Cruise, Tom Cruise is capable of doing what it does at his age but he is not  a superman who can go with everything... that's why we have Rebecca Ferguson on set and an inspirational Henry Cavill. Plus a very beautiful and mysterious Vanessa Kirby. Cruise is still the star and I will not be the one who opposes!

Mission: Impossible Fallout is a good action movie and a new adventure of Ethan Hunt which does not dismember within the saga although the script presents some problems. The action scenes are impeccable and numerous.