"Modern Life is Rubbish"

Some (many) couples have their (love) song: the song which was played when they first met, the dance song on the day of their wedding, a song they heard  at some (important) moment on a (important) day. But in Modern Life is Rubbish, the story of this couple is not just a song; it is a bunch of songs —in CDs and Vinyls.

Adapted from his own short film , Daniel Jerome Gill debut film Modern Life is Rubbish is a romantic comedy with an irresistible hook: a young couple remembers the ups and downs of their crumbling relationship as they divide their CD collection. It is a premise that is as sticky as the various songs of the soundtrack and offers the opportunity to see the different stages of this nice couple’s life, from first love to the pressures being an adult living in the XXI century.

The two main characters are charming, in their own way,  but also completely different. The moments they share are absolutely adorable. Liam (Josh Whitehouse) is a non-profit artist (whose band is called Headcleaner) who dreams about the kind of fame and fortune that only a very few achieve. He is energetic and enthusiastic, but sometimes humorous: the type of man who shines with emotion or desperately needs a hug. Nathalie (Freya Mavor) is the most practical of both, and she decides to grow and find new dreams when she decides to give up to hers goals because of her boyfriend.

Freya Mavor

The structure of the movie is really interesting. It begins when Liam and Nathalie have already broken up and start packing their stuff and, with flashbacks, we discover their love story. It is a simple structure but clearly shows the development of the relationship from something passionate and “perfect” to something that no longer works. It also makes the first days of the relationship look strangely, surely from the pity, since we know how it ends.

The music that is used in this movie in general wants to be close but our connection to it will completely depend on our personal tastes. There are some memorable original songs from Liam’s band and, in general, the soundtrack adapts to the atmosphere of the scene where it is. The selected tracks of The Smiths, Oasis, Radiohead and other Brit bands of the 80s and 90s give to the plot a great sense of nostalgia.

Modern Life is Rubbish is a musical love story of the old school, not cheese just beautiful. Modern Life is Rubbish is sometimes “Someone Like You” and sometimes is “Dakota”. Modern Life is Rubbish is completely worth

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