"Loving Pablo"

Loving Pablo, the new film by Fernando León de Aranoa starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem about Pablo Escobar and Virginia Vallejo.

As if the third season of Narcos had never existed, as if Benicio del Toro had never starred in Escobar: Lost Paradise, as if the figure of the king of drug trafficking was not a stereotype canonized by the thriller addicted to dirty businesses, Loving Pablo looks at us as if you were discovering the soup. León de Aranoa thinks it is enough to invoke the voice of a privileged witness such as Virginia Vallejo, Escobar's lover and television presenter, but does not take into account that we hardly can imagine Penelope Cruz as this Colombian (if you can imagine her doing anything, of course), that the voice-over serves as something, that the use of spanglish denies the credibility of history, that the whole is a formal precariousness that frightens and that Bardem is not the man to play Escobar in a movie that tells an almost invented story.

The great incentive of Loving Pablo was to know the story of the famous narcotics trafficker through Virginia Vallejo, a journalist with whom he kept an idyll. This invited us to think of a more intimate approach to court but the León opted to cover more of the account, being this the first problem of a movie that never gets off and that he ends up being something that we all have seen, read or listen before when it should be just the opposite. And it does not leave room for secondary ones who seem props, like a homogeneous mass.

We entertain the twinkling genius of its protagonist, but we do not do it beyond what anyone who has investigated a bit about his figure already knew in advance. Everything is finally limited to what Bardem and Cruz can bring... and it is not too much, to not say nothing.

We noticed the efforts of both actors, and a couple in real life, to be Escobar and Vallejo, being undeniable the good chemistry between them, although considering that they are marriage, it is not a surprise either

In short, Loving Pablo wants to tackle too much and fails to give the target in any of the aspects that deals with the life of Pablo Escobar starring two extremely boring actors.


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