"For Ava"


I had not heard or read about this short-film but when I saw on Instagram (good things about technologies and social media) a picture of a girl with a short pink hair accompanied by a text, of the same color, that read "For Ava" I felt curiosity for what seemed an interesting project to see.

Sarah Naudi is an ambitious and enthusiastic (and young) French-Maltese actress, singer, writer and producer based in the United Kingdom. She moved to London to train as an actress at the Arts Educational Schools of London. Despite her young age, Naudi has acted in such well-known productions as By the Sea (with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and has worked as a production assistant in the successful Murder on the Orient Express (directed by Kenneth Branagh and with the always fantastic actor Dame Judi Dench). In addition, she has also worked on independent projects such as Him & Her (in the role of the protagonist and as producer) and In the Name of Bjorn (credited as actor, producer and screenwriter). Sarah Naudi is one of those people who has a lot to contribute in the film industry.

In her latest project, For Ava, Sarah plays the main character, Ava. With the posture of a soldier and the stride of a hippie, Ava enters into Jay’s life to share a special night in London with a story to tell. Ava has a strong French accent that makes her character even more interesting, she says, «I’m from a small island…. You probably never heard of it» in a well-written script. For Ava is a lovely love story between two strangers who meet by chance in London. And that’s actually one of the best things about the film: London. The locations (the street, the tube, a hotel, a bar…) chosen are well known but at the same time they are so unknown that it could be anywhere in the world, and that is what makes us feel that we are part of the story, written by Sarah Naudi and directed by Keith Albert Tedesco, feeling that the story of Jay and Ava is our story. Our love story.

The actors on it are also memorable: Sarah Naudi, that girl with the pink hair of which I spoke before, appears to us as someone a bit innocent but I would say that all she wants is to love and be loved; live her love story. She is beautiful, funny and clever. Jay, played by the Lithuanian actor Justas Valinskas, is somewhat mysterious and enigmatic and, although initially reluctant to engage in conversation with Ava he finally falls in love to his charms, as we all would do!

I only have one complaint: what a pity it only lasts twenty minutes!