"I, Tonya"

Who would have ever imagined Tonya Harding as the star of a great film? I did not even know who she was –and I would say that neither you do if in 1991 you were under 27 years, you do not watch TV or read newspapers. Tonya Harding is unjustly remembered as an American joke to be at the center of a scandal, which was more ridiculous than shocking, while her achievements as a skater are completely forgotten. How could a movie about it be nothing more than a cold-blooded farce, or the equivalent of one of these gossip TV shows on a Saturday afternoon? I, Tonya is a picture that transforms your feeling about Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) without changing  your opinion. This is a significant distinction. It does not try to change your mind about the facts but it adds more facts that put things in context. It is irreverent, caustic, brutal and infamous; but in its whole, I, Tonya has a generous spirit.

Allison Janney

Allison Janney

This is a remarkably film and very well written by Steven Rogers. The characters talk to the public in interviews set up in the present and introduce scenes from the past. Versions are often contradictory because this film is about different points of view. The performances are fantastic... About Allison Janney I can only say that everyone after the film will talk about her, she's wonderful as LaVona, Tonya's mother, either in the false interview, in the flashbacks of her childhood in her first game after "the" scandal, Janney takes advantage of each of her interventions in an already iconic interpretation. Tonya is a character full of contradictions, marked by the abuses of her surroundings and by her limited preparation before the life and Robbie does of her the character of her life.

Munich, 1991. World Figure Skating Championships. Tonya Harding skated a solid routine to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes". She placed 2nd after this skate.

I, Tonya is brilliant. He has a lot of pop in the soundtrack. The combination of music (late 70s) and the year in which everything happened (1991)  makes no sense but like everything in this inspiring and well-done movie, everything falls well!

I had many elements to become a morbid and anecdotal product, but I, Tonya is such a fast-paced cinematic exercise in which the wit of narration and empathy towards Harding are considered equally important for their heads


I, Tonya is brilliant

Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding