Mother! it's a long way down a dark alley (but with exit: run away from the room) without any clue as to why this film is on the big screen... I can just think to traumatize the audience.

It begins with a wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and her husband (Javier Bardem) in their new huge house. It must be said that they have no name, they are only He and Mother or She, so, He is a well-known writer and Mother is his muse. When a stranger and fan of the author knocks at their door, the poet lets him and his wife to stay in. They take over the house, their huge family arrives and they wreak havoc on Mother and the home. Soon their yard is filled with hundreds of fans who invade the house, break and steal things and mistreat the wife.

I'm not a fan of Darren Aronofsky's films, but I did like Black Swan, but this is an insult and a theft to the public. The crowd begins to enter and enter the house and Mother sees her house being stolen and destroyed while her husband is captivated by the attention he is receiving and letting his pregnant wife alone in the middle of the senseless stupidity that is happening in the house in the middle of the nowhere. Eventually, she has her baby and her husband insists that they show it to the hundreds of people who want to see him, just like in The Lion King, who finally kill the baby and eat him. It's not an unpleasant joke, it's what happens.

Darren Aronofsky calls it a psychological mystery-horror drama. There are a lot of unanswered questions as why Mother coughs and coughs all the time, what is the yellow liquid she drinks, what the bloody point in the bedroom means... Even with well-known actors, nobody should suffer with this movie.

You will spend most of the painful, terrible, disgusting, boring, torturous and stressful Mother! trying to figure out what it's about, you'll feel like Lawrence, stuck in a bad dream (I'm not sure if she's dreaming, too, or if what's happening is real) wanting to wake you up. In other words, you can not wait for the movie to come to an end.

I end here because I do not want to invest another minute of my time thinking about Mother! I respect the courage of Aronofsky, and of Lawrence also (talk about Bardem would mean losing more time from my valuable time). All I want is to forget this hoax....


painful, terrible, disgusting, boring, torturous and stressful