"Diana, In Her Own Words"

Is it moral that British Channel 4 makes a documentary about what have become the most famous tapes of Lady Di talking non-stop, and privately, about your life? The answer to this is yes and no.

On one hand, the publication of these unreleased tapes until now is an invasion of Diana's privacy and were in its time and even today are harmful to the British monarchy and to all the people who have loved Diana Spencer. On the other hand, the tapes where Lady Spencer speaks of the conspiracy (probably, as she said, carried out by the sinister Duke of Edinburgh) of his death have not been published respecting the Royal Family. 

Anyway, in fact, this documentary does not discover us anything new about the People's Princess, her husband, her lover and her children than we knew before. It was all there: the sensations of Lady Di, the fairy-tale wedding, the "whatever love" that Carlos said, her attentive and adoring eyes, the wistfulness of Camilla Parker-Bowles... Well, one of the new thing we now know is that Carlos told Diana «I refuse not to be like the others. All the Princes of Wales have had lovers and I do not think to be different» and that Di never fell down the stairs being pregnant, it wasn’t an accident. 

Juan Carlos, king of Spain, and Diana with William and Harry in Mallorca

On August 31 it will be two decades of her murder in Paris with Dodi Al Fayed. In these years we have read many things about them and the only important observation I have heard during the almost two hours of this documentary was the conversation that Diana had with the Queen about her situation: «I went to talk with the Lady, crying, and I said : “What I can do? What should I do?” And she said, “I do not know what to tell you or what you have to do. Carlos has no hope.” And that was it, this was his help.»  After all, Diana already said that she would never be the Queen and, in measure, it may be the fault of Her Majesty that it seems that she will never give any responsibility to her son... What Diana never accepted was the "support" of Juan Carlos, former King of Spain, during his vacation in Mallorca, although that is another story. 

It would have been all the better if Carlos had loved Diana, if they had been together, if they were now willing to become King and Queen, what popularity they would have both in England and abroad. They were, as Diana said, a "great team" publicly because she did the things she would never have done. Spencer was not lost without her real role, she was like a princess doing all the works of charity but without real title. And she has never lost her public popularity.

Charles. Diana. 

Charles. Diana.