"Can't Say Goodbye!

The family, the cause of the warmest moments or the protagonist of the toughest circumstances, love that we often miss and others bother us. But it is in the loss when a feeling invades the family nucleus: loneliness and guilt. It is precisely in the blame where the human being is glad, remembering  the moments where more empathy was needed or the hours we spent without going through this person, only through the time you learn to live with the absence and you remember with a smile the shared moments, the pleasant ones and everyday ones.

Can’t Say Goodbye is about family communication. Director Lino Escalera makes a portrait of the different personalities that make up the family nucleus and how they face a complicated situation, but above all it's about lost.

Carla is a successful business woman but with a lonely and devastated personal life because of drugs. One day, while in the office, she receives an unexpected call from his sister Blanca, with whom she has not spoken for some time. The Spanish director tells in this film the story of two sisters who face the agony of their sick father from two opposites that have a lot to do with their personalities.

Can’t Say Goodbye is Lino Escalera’s debut. Nathalie Poza, Juan Diego and Lola Dueñas lead the cast, a delicate product that has countless awards: four Biznaga de Plata, one Ferotge and one Goya for Nathalie Poza, and many more nominations.

Escalera bets on a drama where tragedy is based on real and everyday life, in how many people can see in this story as their own story. This masterpiece do not fall into the tragic or explicit moments, the film uses the truth.

Juan Diego, Nathalie Poza and Lola Dueñas

Through the two sisters we see the two realities that live in most families that cross this situation. Carla, with her rage and hardness, shows the need to fight, self-deception in a situation where the final is clear and Blanca, on the other hand, represents resignation and common sense. It’s hard not to feel empathy with Blanca.

Can’t Say Goodbye was the ninth movie with more nominations for the Goya Awards (Spanish most important film awards) last February. The film had three nominees, and two of them in important categories: Best Actress (Nathalie Poza), Supporting Actress (Lola Dueñas) and New Director. However, Can’t Say Goodbye ranks fifty in the box office last year: 72,217€ and 12,097 spectators. It is the movie that fewer people have seen in cinema among all the nominees. Not even the four awards he won at the Malaga festival served to make the audience come to see it (which, incidentally, says a lot about the impact of this). The ability to watch the movie on digital platforms (Filmin,  iTunesAmazon and Movistar +) are perfect reasons to enjoy one of the best Spanish films of 2017.

A work from the bottom of the heart that touches every sense and every part of your body, that hits the table and reveals that there is nothing more painful than reality and how hard a day can be.

Lola Dueñas

Lola Dueñas