"Red Nose Day Actually"

We have been waiting for a long time, but it was worth. The mini second part of Love Actually lasts 12 minutes with the name of Red Nose Day Actually (Red Nose Day is a British charity gala held every two years that uses comedy as a pretext to raise funds for the most needy) is a gift where all the compliments are for Hugh Grant,  still the Prime Minister. He did not limit himself to an injury while dancing in the rooms of 10 Downing Street, but he also made a great speech, so timeless that it could have been written in the last 48 hours after the terrible terrorist attack. Red Nose Day Actually was especially applauded for its comic side.

This film, such as the 2003 one is directed by Richard Curtis, has on its cast Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy and Keira Knightley but  Martin Freeman, Kris Marshall or Emma Thompson are not on it in respect to Alan Rickman, who unfortunately has passed away.

The PM closes the film with a speech in which echoes of several characters from the current pop culture (Usain Bolt or Metallica) and is more timely than ever. In a tragic week for the British country due to the Westminster attack, statements such as "where we see tragedy, we see courage", shocked an audience that asked Grant as a real candidate for the site. The discourse thus concluded: "Not only romantic love is everywhere. Most people, every day, around the world, have enough love to help other people with problems. He will win. Actually, I'm sure of that. " Accidentally timely, nostalgic and welcoming, in fact, it was a triumphant return.

It has been a short time, less than a week, and the entity has already made public the total revenues (so far) gathered thanks to all those who put their grain of sand together with the collaboration of actors such as the sequel participants, James Corden, Russell Brand, Mrs. Brown, Peter Kay and artists such as Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande, Graham Norton, Romesh Ranganathan, Jonathan Ross and Dawn French. The total sum amounts to more than 71 million pounds.