"And the Winner Isn't"

How do you win an Oscar Award? Geoffrey Moore, son of the late and loved actor Roger Moore who played James Bond, and her daughter Ambra have recently discovered that there are no easy answers and it’s even more difficult if you want to win it with a song, despite the hope. This questions is answered in the funny, satirucal, well-done, oddly and amazing documentary And the Winner Isn’t, in the loving memory of Sir Moore.

Geoffrey Moore has written and recorded a song, “UNI (You and I)” for charity. His aim is to raise as much funds as possible and donate all proceeds to UNICEF. The song highlights the unnecessary suffering of children around the world and emphasizes how charitable actions can stop it from happening.

While daughter Ambra is busy calling and emailing managers and publicists trying to get celebrities on board —she remembers me when I try to get an interview for my Bond writing work—, Moore is working on getting the song an Oscar nomination. “Skyfall”, by Adele in 2012, won a song being Skyfall’s theme song, this means that to be eligible for ‘The Best Original Song’ award the single must be on a screened movie. The documentary is produced and directed by Nik Panic, 25-year veteran of making shorts and music videos, however this is his first feature documentary. Shot entirely in LA, the film captures how father and daughter cope with obstacles while they are trying to get interviews with celebrities. Roger Moore, in one of his last videos, is interviewed along J J Abrams, Ed Asner, Ed Begley Jr, Michael Caine, Shakira Caine, Joan Collins, Natalie Dormer, Stephen Fry, Paris Hilton, Danny Huston, Peter Jones, former 007 George Lazenby, Jon Lovitz, Bill McDonald, Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Queen Latifah.

Sir Roger Moore sadly passed away in May 2017 during the shooting of this documentary, however he appears signing UNI. Geoffrey Moore said to Variety «I promised him before he died that we would complete this movie» and they did it. And what a film… a must-see! The documentary also features clips from All About Eve, The Searchers, The Terminator, The Usual Suspec, Life of Brian, Grease and Sunset Boulevard and exlusive home movie footage, including a wonderfull summer clip with the always beatiful Bond Girl Maud Adams, all of them commented by Geoffrey. In some way, this is a tribute documentary to the best Bond, modest actor and beautiful person, Sir Roger Moore.

Geoffrey Moore

Moore’s goal is to make a feature film —any film, as he admits— that he could exhibit in a theater, thus qualifying it for Academy Award consideration. Fingers crossed! They deserved it, they have done an amazing documentary with a very emotional song, I also think that this Oscar would be the best tribute ever to Sir Roger as being one of the best actors in the world, he never won it. Crazy, right?

Recently, “UNI (You and I)” has been shortlisted for the Oscar for the Best Original Song Award, what means that Geoffrey and Ambra are on they way. Ans this would be a well deserved Award.

I can just finish writing “and the Oscar goes to… ‘UNI’, from And the Winner Isn’t”.