"Molly's Game"

To review Molly’s Game, first of all I must first introduce you to the character in which the film is based. The biopic follows the story of Molly Bloom, a former professional skier who after a few accidents (never better said) ends up organizing poker games in which she brings together personalities of all kinds, with influence and importance worldwide. Thus she ended up being investigated by the FBI.

This actually happened. Molly Bloom is a real person, which is the first point of interest for the viewer. You know that what they are telling you is a reality and Bloom is still alive. Molly’s Game is a movie for all audiences. That’s because it has all the necessary ingredients to please everyone, those who are looking for a good drama in a movie and those who prefer an action movie. It’s not one thing or the other, it’s all at once, and sometimes that’s not a good idea…

Aaron Sorkin, the writer of booklets as complex and round as The Social Network or Steve Jobs and TV soups like The West Wing of the White House. In Molly’s Game he is also the director. To be a biographical work, it draws attention to what little Jessica Chastain looks like to the real Molly Bloom, apart from the physical appeal but the risk is acceptable. He does not even dye her ginger hair! However in this film she is splendid, again, giving life to a young woman who should have been a sport star and who had to reinvent herself as a glorious poker games organizer. Bloom became known as “the princess of poker” and stars such as Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck are her clients. All this information and names are published in the book Molly’s Game, but Sorkin makes a brave decision, or very coward one: he does not give a single name.

Maybe there are moments in the plot that invite you to get lost… And it will not be because there is not enough explanations about what is happening, but it is true that if you do not know the world of poker, you will just get carried away by narration without know what it’s happening. This a film which requires all the attention of the public.

Jessica Chastain stands up powerful above all, with this magnetic force that catches several years and promises to take us far away. At this time, you want to take Chastain’s hand and let it drag us to wherever she wants. It does not crash either Idris Elba, his cast partner, which is not a new thing.

Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba

Aaron Sorkin is first film as director is a vibrant and adrenaline-filled movie that explains the true story of a woman whose destiny changes abruptly after an accident. Chastain, as overwhelming as ever giving us a memorable feminine role. Sorkin shows great talent directing his actors. However, there are times that can be confusing by the prolix reguitzell of explanations given by the script on poker. The dialogues are dizzying.

Chastain and director Aaron Sorkin