Charismata, by Tor Mian and Andy Collier, is an intelligent independent horror which must be seen. It has a strong female protagonist and excellent visual effects. It is also surprisingly funny, even in its most cynical moments. Every once in a while you see a movie that makes you feel like the people involved are having a great time, —and I know they did!— Charismata is one of those films and all involved have real talent.

When Detective Rebecca Faraway is thrown headlong into a cult murder case, she finds that the she is dominated by obsession and suspicion. As the case unfolds and her instincts are ignored by those around her, Rebecca’s paranoia combined with delusions transcends a demonic cat and mouse game between her and the enigmatic suspect Michael Sweet. Delving more deeply into Faraway's mind, the main suspect shows her that death is simply the beginning of what might be the struggle to keep her soul and life.

Sarah Beck Mather

Paul T Horsfield

Paul T Horsfield

There were some things about this movie that I liked and that stayed with me after the film ended: the performances of the cast are excellent. Sarah Beck Mather (Rebecca, Black Mirror) makes an excellent portrait of how to handle a difficult job and try to keep her condition a secret. Jamie Sattherthwaite (Michael Sweet) makes in this movie one of the best antagonist characters that I've seen in a movie for a long long time. A good is supporting cast is essential in making a good movie, Jonny Vivash as the chief and Ross Mullan (Game Of Thrones, Dr Who) are excellent, as are the the forensic department, played wonderfully well by Paul T Horsfield and Ryan Spong. 

The story itself may be simple, but it is so well executed that it will keep you guessing until the very end. The blood in this film adds atmosphere and a sense of mystery. Impressive effects and recovery work is designed for the corpses found at the crime scenes.

There is one particular scene in the movie that was very well made. I will not spoil anything for you, of course, but... it takes place in the interrogation room of the police station. There are several of these. You will know when you see it. Wonderfully filmed and, most importantly, all the main characters are in it.

What you see in Charismata is not only a very good (and I say it without being a big fan of scary movies, but this one is different) terrifying horror movie, it's also a must-see demonstration of the good film-making talent in the UK.