There is a long tradition of American films that satiate the idyllic social peace that, supposedly, prevails in the Yankee residential paradises, what they call the "suburbia." Suburbicon is the new film directed by George Clooney, co-written by the Coen brothers which appears as a brutal portrait of racial hatred. An intolerance that is embroiled in a history of violence that extends to our days.

Furiously politically, the film turns residential America from the late 1950's into the reflection of today's Trump's America  In fact, the film has its own double origin. On the one hand, Clooney's interest in the case of William and Daisy Meyers, an African-American marriage that was  assaulted by a group of white citizens when they dared to move to a suburb of high class. On the other, a script by the Coen brothers of the 90's, in which a series of unhappy characters were condemned for their decisions.

Emblematic portrait of self-destructing the American dream, Suburbicon could appear as the new episode of the saga of American stupidity the Coen have been perpetrating for decades.

Suburbicon is recreated in the cold love of its characters (with Matt Damon and Julianne Moore as a drifting marriage), capable of ending all the reality that surrounds them in the pursuit of their fantasies of success and power. To impose their message, Clooney does not leave right cane: Suburbicon is surely the most demolishing American film ever. Clooney decides to make a fantastic movie that unveils the America White Evil, a film made for convinced, a movie that never reach Trump fans.

Suburbicon contains the image of two children, one of white and one of black, innocently demolishing the barriers of racial hatred. However, this hint of hope appears as an anecdotal brushstroke of light.


the most demolishing American film ever