If you are passionate about judiciary dramas, Denial is one of those films that you should not overlook. Focusing on a theme and a very specific time, the narrated story, based on real events which took place at the end of the 90s, leads us to understand what is happening today, in the midst of the boiling of populisms and lies that seek consolidate by force of being repeated a thousand times and find their ideal breeding ground in social networks as wrote the wonderful Spanish writer Rosa Montero in one of her articles a few weeks ago, Repite y vencerás.

The American historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz), specialized in the Jewish holocaust in World War II and university professor, is denounced for defamation by the British "historian" David Irving (Timothy Spall). Denial is a complex ribbon that leads us on a very clear path: the truth is one and you can not hesitate to question a mass extermination like the Third Reich.

Weisz, Rachel Weisz

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

The Oscar-winning Rachel Weisz passionately plays Lipstadt full of logic and reasons that can not be refuted lightly even by Timothy Spall who gives real fear in his role (a bit of Trump style). Obliged to defend herself before the British court, the film also leads us to understand how a system very different from the Spanish or American one works: the defendant is obliged to defend himself and prove their innocence. It also highlights a fantastic Andrew Scott, as serious and intimidating as in Sherlock (BBC) or Spectre.

That the story is interesting is no doubt, but the best thing is that the screenplay by David Hare (nominated twice for the Oscar) seeks at all times to make us think about what is happening right now, in such a way that it is inevitable to think about the way in which to this day extremisms are triumphing.


exceptional at the service of history

Denial is a very correct judicial drama based on real events, of current relevance in the light of recent events and with a cast –Rachel Weisz (Lobster), Timothy Spall (The Party), Tom Wilkinson (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and Andrew Scott (Pride)– exceptional at the service of the history.