"Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children"

«When I was a child I was very introverted. I had friends, I never fought with anyone, but I did not really keep in touch with them». explains Tim Burton in his book. Characteristic of a free and creative spirit, the director grew up while drawing and inventing, between cruelty and poetry, characters such as Edward or Alice. So it's not surprising that the book by Ramson Rigg's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, with so many dozens of fictional youth fiction and real-life photo album, was going to be at some point at the hands of Burton for her cinematographic adaptation.

Immersed in a worrying creative crisis, as he claimed, the fabulous director of Sweeney Todd has been introducing more than a decade into projects that seem to come close to their style, an unusual universe of ruthless tenderness, but creating works between what is evident (Alice in Wonderland), the bad one (Planet of the Apes) and the disastrous (Big Eyes). With Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children he has recovered his essence, his forms and, above all, the strength of his designs and sets.


The protagonist of this new work is Jake, a sad young man who sees his godfather die in his courtyard in strange circumstances. Before dying, he instructs him to visit a curious orphanage in Wales for children with peculiarities supervised by Miss Peregrine (Eva Green, the new muse of Burton and Casino Royale's Bond girl), so, first he goes to the psychiatrist and then, convinced by the doctor, his parents allow him to travel to this place. Jake falls into a particular country of wonders far from reality, where orphaned children can fly, have superhuman strength or have the gift of invisibility. Anchored in the past, time does not happen in this place thanks to the temporary loop maintained by Miss Peregrine, a sort of Mary Poppins.

Dench, Judi Dench

Dench, Judi Dench

Tim Burton finds himself comfortable in this new world of fantasy, both appearing in a fast scene.
The absence of Helena Bonham Carter shines and she is missed. Former couple of the director who clearly would played the role of Miss Peregrine. And... where is Jonhy Depp?! The always great Dame Judi Dench is also here, and once again she shows that, despite having a short role, she is one of the best actresses.

As usual in this director, we will find scenes that would work for horror movies.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a fun, different and a recommendable film, which is made short while 130 minutes long... and as indicated by its title: peculiar