Secret Cinema presents ‘Casino Royale’

I have gone the grand reopening of the Casino Royale. I have played poker at the very same table where Mr Bond beats my loved Le Chiffre. I have talked with old friends and I have met new ones. I have heard the voice of old acquaintances. All of this thanks to “Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale”. What a night! It is very difficult to write about such a top secret thing but just remember this: what a night, one not to be missed!!

Secret Cinema, the immersive cinematic experience of London, opened a few weeks ago its latest masterwork in a secret location based on the James Bond 2006’s Casino Royale staring Daniel Craig, the evil Mads Mikkelsen, pretty Eva Green and the national treasure Dame Judi Dench as M.

Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, “Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale” immerses the audiences into the glamourous and action world of 007, delivering a unique and immersive film experience which is one (if not “the”) of the highlights of this summer calendar.

Before the D-day, you are asked, through a well-known website among fans, to wear some accessories of a certain colour depending on your character. If you are not going alone and you and your friends have different colours,do not worry because you will stay together, and nobody will separate you. Once inside the building, after having walked on a red carpet, enjoy the huge, vast, space and walk around. There are plenty of difference small restaurants and all of them are delicious. And bars, enjoy the martinis and the Heineken. 

My main advice: get there as early as you can because time flies once you are in there as thousands of things happen and you do not want to miss any of them. Dress up because you are going to the Casino and the more glamorous you are, the more suited you are to the occasion. And try to remember those actors you saw in Casino Royale because if you are lucky enough you might shake their hands!

Enjoy Secret Cinema and check their website because their next adventure happens this winter in Netflix Stranger Things’ world. Meanwhile, you can play poker in a London secret location until October 2019.

Ticket prices range from £40 to £175 and are available from