"The World According to Blofeld’s Cat"

Who knew that Blofeld’s cat was taking it all in? For that we have this wonderful, funny but critical book. The World According to Blofeld’s Cat is a collection of miserable musings from the angriest and most dangerous cat in the world. Belonging to an international supervillain and arch-nemesis of the British Secret Service, Blofeld’s cat has witnessed his owner’s despotic appetite for world domination, and it’s rather made an impression on him. Offering his own provocative thoughts on life’s trivialities, such as social media, celebrity culture, reality television and online dating, as well as more controversial views on murder, politics and charity, Blofeld’s cat’s opinions will shock, offend, outrage and, most importantly, amuse. 

Blofeld’s Cat is not a charming street cat, he isn’t cute or domesticated house cat with a bell attached to his collar. He is, however, a narcissistic, indignant, scheming, intelligent, sociopath of a cat, whose lavish tastes and desire for destruction are unprecedented. This is his first book. 

Adrian Teal is a cartoonist and illustrator. His political caricatures have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Times Educational Supplement, Time Out and many others. The words of Blofeld’s cat are from Mark Beynon,  Alistair Beynon and Chris Paull. 

Subtitled Unofficial Musings from the Volcanic Lair, this is a book which could very easily have just been called something like Grumpy Old Cat and we could all have moved on with our lives. But it appears that Blofeld’s cat, after years spent skulking in volcanoes and secret subterranean bases, has developed an antipathy towards humanity second only to his owner. 

Blofeld’s Cat hates everything. Everything. Everything about the modern world and living in it from reality television, tabloid newspapers, politics, children, supermarkets and even poor old seaside town Sidmouth. 

The text is superb with very funny observations scattered through the book  but what makes this book really good are the illustrations, which place our annoyed feline in various outré situations.

This is quite simply the most entertaining book I have read in years! If you’re a cat lover, buy it. If you’re a people hater, buy it. If you’re a James Bond fan, buy it. If you’re a human with a with a sense of humour, buy it. Just read it.

The second best thing of the cat? His Twitter: @realblofeldscat

Inoffensive but entirely inessential, The World According to Blofeld’s Cat will provide you the odd smile for just £7.99 available in all good bookshops.