"Venom" post-credits

It's a sin to go see a superhero movie and not wait until the end. I mean, until the very end when all the final credits have finished and we have made sure that there is no post-credit scene because there is always at least one. Commandment number one of the cinephile: stay seated until the screen is completely black and the lights, all the lights, on. Marvel did not invent this resource of the post-credit scene, but they popularise it. How could it be otherwise, Tom Hardy’s Venom includes a scene which everyone speaks about.

The truth is that what we see is no big surprise to anyone who has followed the production of the film, but it might be very important to the possible sequel. Beware of spoilers…

Eddie Brock has regained his professional prestige at the end of the entertaining Venom. He visits San Quentin State Prison to interview an inmate, an interview requested by the killer himself. A prison with a lot of security. MAX as the girls of Orange Is The New Black would say.

There, inside a cell within the cell, is the dangerous and deranged Cletus Kasady, portrayed by Woody Harrelson, who wears a curly red wig. Cletus has written “Welcome Eddie” in his own blood on the wall of the cell.

Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Reid Scott in  Venom

Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Reid Scott in Venom

Kasady, his intense gaze locked on Eddie, vows that when he escapes prison “there’s gonna be carnage.” Because he becomes the Venom villain Carnage.

Cletus is a killing machine that on the walls of each crime scene writes “Carnage” in his own blood. Soon he destroyed to Spider-Man and he has to form an alliance with Venom to face Kasady.

Those who have already seen Venom will know that there is a second post-credits scene but it has absolutely nothing to do with this film: a roughly five-minute preview of their forthcoming animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. A chase scene ensues as the cops pursue a webbed-together Miles and Peter through traffic as they’re dragged along by an elevated train.