This is an article I never imagined I would write. I never thought I would write what I'm going to tell next because it never occurred to me that I would do such a thing, and yet here I am, reflecting on the session I went to with an energy healer in London a few weeks ago. Maybe I've already lost you, maybe you’ve already rolled your eyes, I would have done the same thing a month ago. I used to roll my eyes at the idea of practicing yoga.

Over a lunch, someone told me about the healing sessions that she had been going through and that had changed her life and the way she faces the world and her problems since then. I was curious about the subject and I Googled. I found it fascinating and decided to send an email to Carmen, a healer about thirty minutes from where I live, with who I booked an one-hour appointment, although it lasted a few more minutes as she had already warned me that could happen. What would a healer say about me? Would any of that be true, or would she show herself as a liar? Or would it be like a horoscope?  For the record, I still think that zodiac signs are fantasy literature that I could write, however, I reserve my right to change my position on this in the future. I admit that on the bus, on the way to Carmen, I got a lazy laugh thinking what I was about to do.  I went with a couple of things in mind because in the messages we had exchanged, she told me that she would try to take away the bad energies that could be in me. Did I expect the healer to look at her crystal ball and say with certainty what the future holds or what worries me? Not quite. To be honest, I was not really sure what to expect, but I was open to anything she wanted to tell me.

I am sure that the healing sessions vary among healers, but that is how mine went: I showed up at her house and she took me to a room with two leather sofas, an armchair, a stretcher in the center and books, many books, where the session would take place. We started talking about myself and what, in a way, worried me. She was taking notes. Then I lie on the stretcher, covered with two blankets (during the session I felt temperature changes) and she put a device, the size of a walkie-talkie, on my chest and another one between my legs. With her eyes closed, she took my wrist and for, I guess, forty minutes touched it with her hand while taking more notes. Then she got up and made me repeat a few disturbing phrases while she touched different parts of my head, chest and shoulders.

I was not sure what to answer her when she asked me some things because at the beginning she told me that I should not answer what I thought but what I felt.  As she told me, humans send a ‘wave’ and we receive the same from the people with whom we surround ourselves. We can generate these waves ourselves or have them inherited both from our parents or past lives (and this happens whether you believe in regeneration or not). She, Carmen, was in charge of breaking the body-mind relationship that make us tense or sad. Now I have learned to say “Let it go” when I overthink, and it works. I have learned many other things about myself, but I keep them to myself.

At the end of the session, Carmen told me about the relationships she had broken. Stories, moments, from the past that unknowingly worried me. She talked to me giving me years. I knew what she was talking about, facts that I had not told her. Ages of which I did not remember but which make sense. We chatted little but she knew a lot about me and my past and present. When I finished I met with a friend and the first thing he said was if  I was on drugs because I seemed to be very relaxed. And the truth is that I was, and I am. 

Carmen told me that "shit happens and magic follows, allow it!" and I’ve learned it. This is also the title of one of her books, which I am currently reading. If you’d like to know more about Carmen, her website is www.healyourstory.co.uk.

Source: www.healyourstory.co.uk