ISBN-13: 978-1527222236

ISBN-13: 978-1527222236

Luis Abbou Planisi new book is now on sale!

James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo means to get deeply involved in the world of the most famous British secret agent, James Bond. You will discover secrets, songs, locations, exclusive interviews even with the amazing Dame Judi Dench, stunts doubles, Spanish actors, Bond girls and much more: fore your eyes only.

James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo is the story in more than 500 pages of the most famous Secret Agent in the world, from the Fleming desk in Jamaica to the EON Production pictures. This new exciting book explains how Ian Fleming created James Bond and how, with whom and why 007 has been on the big screen for more than 55 years and counting.

Everything has a chapter on James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo: biographies, Bond Girls, books and authors, gadgets, directors, cars, songs, websites, events, objects... but the most remarkable thing are  the interviews with Dame Judi Dench, Bond Girls , directors and producers, actors, villains, writers, the daughter of the famous screenwriter Jack Whittingham: Sylvan, the son of Harry Saltzman: Steven, the production team, musicians, medical studies and many more, just for your eyes!

James Bond: Behind the Tuxedo is also available in audiobook narrated by Mr. Morrison Ellis.

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